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Experienced and Honest Jewelry Appraisal.

If you’re interested in insuring or selling diamonds or jewelry, the first step is to find an experience appraiser who can give you the information you need regarding quality, condition, materials and value. At Jejo & Son, we provide all types of appraisals, from fine jewelry to watches and more.

All Types of Jewelry Appraised

While we specialize in diamond appraisal, our expert staff can help you understand how much your jewelry is worth regardless of composition. In addition to diamonds, our jewelry appraisers can determine the value of any type of jewelry, from rings, including wedding and engagement bands, to earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

This type of appraisal is ideal for understanding the appropriate amount of insurance coverage, making an accurate insurance claim if the item is stolen or lost, certifying the value of the diamond or jewelry piece, and getting the best value when selling.

Our Appraisal Process

We promise a safe and secure service, providing an expert, accurate assessment of your jewelry’s value. Our qualified gemologists will examine every piece, and rate it based on cut, clarity, color, and carats, as well as the composition and value of any metal.

This is essential information, whether you’re looking to sell or insure an existing piece, that can help you get the best value or coverage possible.

Your Go-To Jewelry Appraisal in King City, Oregon

Selling a valuable piece of jewelry can be challenging, and an honest and reliable appraiser can help simplify the process greatly. Here at Jejo & son, we pride ourselves on understanding the sentimental and emotional value a piece holds to you, as well as its material value, and can help you make the best decision possible regarding a sale. Our qualified jewelry appraisers will conduct a complete evaluation of your most cherished pieces, offering a wealth of information to help every client make an informed decision.

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